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Instead of asking yourself a thousand questions, we offer you different types of divinatory readings.

Life is a huge collection of choices, of doors opened and others left closed, of necessary decisions to be made, be they small decisions or big resolutions.

A choice implies that we have at least two possibilities, if not more, and whether it’s a choice between two people in love, a choice between two jobs, a choice between being self-employed or employed by a company, a geographical choice between two countries or between two lifestyles or a combination of these, not everyone is lucky enough to be at a crossroads made up of at least two possible routes.

Our daily lives are a series of different decisions, with varying degrees of consequences and choices to be made.
But sometimes it’s possible to feel overwhelmed when faced with a choice that has been imposed on us, or a choice that we may or may not have consciously wanted to be faced with.
There’s a scale of importance to these choices, some of which are as important as staying with or leaving your partner, living together or not, getting married or not, having children, settling or not settling in a country other than your own, where you’re at home, the choice of leaving your comfort zone, the choice between the known and the unknown, the predictable and the unpredictable, the choice of lifestyle and with whom.

A choice can be blocked by fear of making a mistake for fear of remorse and regret.
Indecision generally stems from our fears, such as the fear of making a mistake and the consequences, the fear of being judged or looked down upon by others, the fear of displeasing others, the fear of losing someone’s love, the fear of not living up to expectations, the fear of not being loved, the fear of conflict, the fear of the unknown…

Sometimes an event from the past, injunctions from our unconscious in protection mode, can have an influence on our decision-making process, and being faced with this choice can in some cases free our desire to do, pushing us to move forward and achieve.
Sometimes, too, the best decision is to wait and take a step back, or not to make a decision at all, or to put it off until a later date.

Arguing by drawing two columns for each eventuality: one listing the advantages, the other the disadvantages, and seeing which column is fuller, represents the first tool of choice.
We can also try to visualize either situation and their respective consequences for us and those involved. In which case will we feel more consistent with who we are and our dreams or missions? Will we be proud of the choice we’ve made?

The decision is often better taken and more fulfilling if we have been able to gather as much useful information as possible beforehand, for example by talking to people or friends with good advice.

 Before pruning the tree or replanting it elsewhere, have we acquired sufficient knowledge of the suitable terrain and all its essential needs?
 Opening up the field of possibilities can sometimes lead to solutions that no-one would have thought of.
So, when making a complex choice, it’s important to access as much information as possible, including that provided by the divinatory arts.

Questions may concern love, family, a house, work, a possible career change, the burning desire for a new way of life without daring to take the first step, a dream of travel and a change of scenery without knowing whether the money in your pocket would be enough to make it come true.

These are just some of the areas in which I can help you: cartomancy (Tarot, Oracle), geomancy, pure flash clairvoyance, Runes, dowsing (with the pendulum), crystallomancy (the crystal ball), caffeomancy (coffee grounds), tasséomancy (tea leaves), numerology… all of which provide answers to help you make the right choices at a crucial crossroads.

The information obtained during consultations offers a different angle of vision, a sudden insight into people, an understanding of why they do what they do, allowing us to get out of doubt, to apprehend events with a fresh eye, to quickly get out of doubt and a blocking fear, to obtain the necessary keys to reach our goals and release our dreams.

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind, not with it’ Henry Ford

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